Here is a list of some books I really enjoyed reading.  These books have provided guidance, inspiration, motivation and entertainment to me and many others. Feel free to ask me anything about these books, I would like to discuss them with you.  These books will challenge if not completely obliterate your current paradigms; you have been warned! 

Book Title  Author Last Read Date 
Thinking, Fast and Slow   Now
The Facebook Effect   Now
Inside Apple   2012
The Power of Habit   2012
Drive   2012
Switch Daniel Pink 11-2011
The Innovator's Solution   2011
The 4-hour body   4-2012
The Startup Game  William H. Draper III December 25, 2011 
Do More Faster    Wednesday, December 7, 2011 
The Wisdom of Crowds  James Surowiecki  November 16, 2011 
The Lean Startup    October 15, 2011 
Made 2 Stick    September 1, 2011 
Talent Is Overrated    August 17, 2011 
Founders at work    August 16, 2011 
Never Eat Alone  Keith Ferrazzi  June 8, 2011 
The Black Swan  Nassim Nicholas Taleb  June 7, 2011 
Predictably Irrational  Dan Ariely  May 31, 2011 
In The Plex    May 27, 2011 
On Intelligence  Jeff Hawkins  May 10, 2011 
Think and Grow Rich  Napoleon Hill  April 20, 2011 
Introduction to Austrian Economic Analysis  December 14, 2010 
Built to Last Successful  James C. Collins and Jerry Porras  August 28, 2010 
Crash Proof  Peter Schiff  July 30, 2010 
Winning  Jack Welch  July 14, 2010 
Good to Great  Jim Collins  March 2, 2010 
E-Myth Revisited  Michael E. Gerber  February 27, 2010 
SuperFreakonomics  Steven D. Levitt & Steven & Stephen J. Dubner   February 10, 2010 
Outliers  Malcolm Gladwell  February 9, 2010 
Social Intelligence  Daniel Goleman  January 14, 2010 
Tipping Point  Malcolm Gladwell  January 12, 2010 
What Would Google Do  Jeff Jarvis  December 10, 2009 
The World is Flat  Thomas Friedman  June 17, 2009 
Getting Things Done: The Art Of Stress-Free Productivity David Allen April 10, 2009 
Unlimited Wealth: The Theory and Practice of Economic Alchemy Paul Zane Pilzer  March 16, 2009 
Elizabeth I CEO: Strategic Lessons from the Leader Who Built an Empire  Alan Axelrod  March 12, 2009 
Lead the Field  Earl Nightingale  March 5, 2009 
The 4-Hour Work Week  Timothy Ferriss  March 1, 2009 
Cashflow Quadrant Robert T. Kiyosak  July 10, 2008 
Management Secrets Proven Tools for Personal and Business Success  Warren Buffett   
Brand Warfare  David D'Alessandro   

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No software related books are listed here.