Web Projects


Open Source

Scala on App Engine
  • https://github.com/siderakis/Futuraes
  • https://github.com/siderakis/playframework-appengine

Dragon Dictate for coding on Mac.
  • https://github.com/siderakis/dragon-dance
  • https://github.com/siderakis/dragon-fire

Not Maintaining
Medium Projects

Make Me Cereal

Mobile YouTube Remote

Weekend Projects

Book Trovity June 2011
  • Simple book list app, based on Spring Roo generated code.
  • Uses Amazon's search API for auto-completing book details.
  • Can be embedded as a Google Gadget (in iGoogle, etc..) or as a JavaScript Widget into any HTML page.  
  • http://book.trovity.com

HTML5 Canvas Animation 

Note No-Note

  • Note No-Note, a public note pad hosted in the cloud, where all notes can be edited be anyone.
  • Project URL: http://notenonote.appspot.com
  • Source Code: http://code.google.com/p/note-no-note/
  • Roo + GWT  + AppEngine
  • This project uses a Spring Roo generated scaffolding for a simple note domain model. 
  • It uses GWT for the front end, and is configured be be hosted on GAE. 
  • The CKEditor (gwt-ckeditor) is used for providing a rich text editing experience.

Huge Projects

Educational Web Application

  • Developed prototype of minimum feature set (schedule generator)
  • Never launched prototype
  • Entered business plan competition

Smart Home System
  • Incubating ideas
  • Watching industry trends
  • Developed prototype for my computer engineering senior project